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Theory of Mantle, Core and Technological Materials

ToMCaT (Theory of Mantle, Core and Technological Materials) is an ERC funded research project starting in 2013 and funded for 5 years. The research group will predict properties of Earth and technological materials using fundamental physics, compute properties of minerals and melts to better understand them, and estimate properties when data are unavailable.

TomCat Simulation

Throughout this 5 year project, we will: 

  • Apply dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) within an accurate framework and ground state Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) to compute and constrain properties of iron-bearing minerals and melts and their impact on the Earth’s behaviour. These constraints are key to understanding the constituency and transport properties of the solid Earth.
  • Simulate C-H-O fluids to constrain their properties and understand slab dewatering and mantle fluids.
  • Study useful technological materials and design new ones exploiting their synergy with Earth materials.

Visit the official ToMCaT website.