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M. Chandler, P.Meredith, N. Brantut and B. Crawford, "Fracture Anisotropy and Toughness in the Mancos Shale: Implications for crack-growth geometry" AGU, San Francisco.


Shale was discussed in the March 2011 edition of Time Magazine

UCL Shale Gas Hub

University College London was established in 1826 and has since grown to become one of world’s leading universities. The university boasts over 4000 academic and research staff, leading to awards in teaching and research excellence (link). In 2010 UCL was also the first university to establish an overseas campus in Adelaide, South Australia. Research at this campus focuses on the global critical field of energy and resources.

London’s global university brings breadth and wealth of knowledge to address global challenges, highlighted in the 2011 Grand Challenges report by Vice Provost David Price . One of the main issues examined by the grand challenges is the need to invest in research addressing environmental issues such as the transition to using more sustainable resources. Another challenge is to improve the exploration and extraction of resources, which has far-reaching implications for science and technology. These avenues of research can be used to investigate resources of shale gas.

Currently UCL makes use of its diverse academic staff to address the issue of shale gas from the fundamental processes within shale formations to engineering operations to developing policies for countries looking to use shale gas as an energy resource. Such projects include:

As part of the shale gas hub, these various research projects collaborate to provide further insight into shale gas. This project is part of NERC impact studentship to advertise the research being undertaken at UCL.