UCL Earth Sciences


Departmental Research Seminar Series

Seminar time: Friday at noon Location: Garwood Theatre, 1st Floor, South Wing
Pre-seminar Tea/Coffee in the Rock Room at 11:30AM

Seminar organiser: Prof Eric Oelkers

Seminars - Term 1 (2014)





03 Oct
Karin Sigloch Oxford Terrane stations: Intra-oceanic subduction assembled Cordilleran North America.
10 Oct
Bernie Wood Oxford Volcanism on Mars controlled by early oxidation of the mantle.
17 Oct
Dan Osborne
UCL Human Ecology Geosciences and the Sustainability of Human Systems.
24 Oct
Liane Benning Leeds To Make or Not to Make Crystals from Ions and how does this affect global cycles.
31 Oct
Jason Head University of Nebraska Metabolic paleothermometry: Using the vertebrate fossil record to reconstruct paleoclimate.

4th Nov. 

Special Seminar at 5:30pm

Lee Kump

Penn State University

Oxidation of the biosphere: The best laid scheme of life and planet. [pdf]

Venue: J Z Young Theatre, UCL

14 Nov
Claude Jaupart
IPGP Paris The building and stabilization of Archean crato.
21 Nov
Kathy Cashman Bristol The Causes and Consequences of Volcanic Ash.
28 Nov
Eva Valsami-Jones Birmingham Nanomaterials: small particles, big trouble?

05 Dec

Paula Koolemeijer

ETH, Zurich

Listening to the music of our planet: what do whole Earth oscillations tell us about the lowermost mantle?


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