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Departmental Research Seminar Series

Seminar time: Tuesday 5:00pm Location: Garwood Theatre, 1st Floor, South Wing Pre-seminar Tea/Coffee in the Rock Room at 4:30PM

Seminar organiser: Prof Eric Oelkers

Seminars - Term 2 (2014)





14 Jan Noah McLean Kansas Improving Precision and Accuracy in Geochronometers: Methods and Applications.
21 Jan Tim Elliott Bristol Pollution of the mantle with natural uranium.
28 Jan Mathis Hain  NOC Distinct roles of Southern Ocean and North Atlantic in glacial CO2 drawdown and deglacial atmospheric radiocarbon decline.
4 Feb John Brodholt
UCL D" and Ten Years of Post-perovskite
11 Feb Robert  Zimmerman Imperial     Measurement and Modelling of the Failure of Shale under Triaxial Stress.
25 Feb Dave Bercovici  Yale Plate tectonics, damage and inheritance.
4 Mar Chris Spiers Utrecht Pulp friction: How water weakens and destabilizes faults in the seismogenic zone
11 Mar Mike James Lancaster Understanding active lava flows and domes using high resolution DEMs.
18 Mar Christina Schoof UBC Ice stream dynamics.
25 Mar Andy Ridgwell Bristol Evolution of the ocean's biological pump.

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