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The Earth Sciences department  utilises UCL Discovery service as the repository of its research publications, including access to journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, digital web resources and more. Where copyright permissions allow, a full copy of each research publication is directly available. Number of individual members of academic staff maintain full list of publications on their personal web pages including on-line copies of their published work.

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Alexander, DE; (2015) Disaster and Emergency Planning for Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. In: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science. (pp. 1-20). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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Cartwright-Taylor, ALG; (2015) Deformation-Induced Electric Currents in Marble Under Simulated Crustal Conditions: Non-Extensivity, Superstatistical Dynamics and Implications for Earthquake Hazard. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

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Evans, D; Wade, BS; Henehan, M; Erez, J; Muller, W; (2015) Revisiting carbonate chemistry controls on planktic foraminifera Mg / Ca: implications for sea surface temperature and hydrology shifts over the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum and Eocene–Oligocene Transition. Climate of the Past , 11 pp. 3143-3185. 10.5194/cpd-11-3143-2015. Green open access


Fortes, AD; (2015) Phase equilibria, binary ammonia - water system at 1 bar.

Fortes, AD; (2015) Phase equilibria, binary sulfuric acid - water system at 1 bar.

Fortes, AD; (2015) X-ray powder diffraction analysis of two new magnesium selenate hydrates, MgSeO<inf>4</inf>·9H<inf>2</inf>O and MgSeO<inf>4</inf>·11H<inf>2</inf>O. Powder Diffraction , 30 (2) pp. 149-157. 10.1017/S0885715615000123.

Fortes, AD; Alfe, D; Hernández, E; Gutmann, M; (2015) Crystal structure of magnesium selenate enneahydrate, MgSeO4·9H2O, from 5 – 250 K using neutron time-of-flight Laue diffraction.

Fortes, AD; Alfe, D; Hernández, E; Gutmann, M; (2015) Crystal structure of magnesium selenate enneahydrate, MgSeO4·9H2O, from 5 – 250 K using neutron time-of-flight Laue diffraction.

Fortes, AD; Wood, I; Alfe, D; Hernández, E; Gutmann, M; Sparkes, H; (2015) Structure, hydrogen bonding and thermal expansion of ammonium carbonate monohydrate.

Fortes, AD; Wood, I; Alfe, D; Hernández, E; Gutmann, M; Sparkes, H; (2015) Structure, hydrogen bonding and thermal expansion of ammonium carbonate monohydrate.


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Pescaroli, G; (2015) Report on the interaction between resilience and vulnerability in cascading crisis situations - Deliverable 2.3. FORTRESS Project

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