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Jabraan Ahmed
email Protocols in Shale Gas Extraction. Prof J. Thurow, Prof N. SkipperProf P. Meredith and Dr J.Faure-Walker
ISR (Institute for Sustainable Resources)
Thomas Armitage
email Estimates of ice thickness distribution and surface roughness from Envisat and CryoSat satellite laser and radar altimetry.
Prof Andrew Shepherd
Lee Bardon
email  Impact melting and vapourisation of planets, including the proto-Earth Prof Lars Stixrude
ERC Project
Rehemat Bhatia
email Geochemical signals in greenhouse and icehouse planktonic foraminifera Prof Bridget Wade
Giulia Boucher
Melting curves of alkali metals from first principles calculations. Prof Dario Alfe Eng PhD
James Braithwaite
email Material Behavior Governing the Evolution of the Magma Ocean. Prof Lars Stixrude & Prof Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni
EU Project
Alexis Cartwright-Taylor 
A non-extensive statistical physics approach in earthquake geophysics Prof Filippos Vallianatos
UCL Impact, IRDR, Technological Institute of Crete
Nicola Dakin
Understanding the basin-floor scale, geometry, architecture and run-out length of mass transport complexes/deposits (MTCs/MTDs) on reservoir heterogeneity.
Prof Kevin Pickering
Nexen UK Ltd
Jeffrey Davis
The groundwater resources of  weathered precambrian basement complex acquifiers below erosion surfaces in southern and eastern Africa.
Dr Willy Burgess and Dr Nick Robins (BGS)
Joel Davis
email  Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions on Mars.  Dr Peter Grindrod
Mike Davis email 3-D characterisation of the chalk aquifer. Dr Willy Burgess & Dr Richard Taylor (Dept. Geography) ESPRC
Christopher Dimech
Integrative Inference and Assessment of Subsurface Information derived from Terrestrial and Solar Seismic Measurements Dr Vincent Tong
Matthew Dodd email Biosignatures in Earth’s oldest sedimentary rocks. Dr. Dominic Papineau & Dr Adrian Jones DTP
Amy Edgington
email  Mercury: its composition, internal structure and magnetic field. Prof Lidunka Vočadlo, Prof Ian Wood & Prof Lars Stixrude
Omar Regalado Fernandez
email  The early evolution of Sauropodomorph dinosaurs and the origins of quadrupedality in the largest land animals.
Prof Paul Upchurch
 the National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico (CONACYT)
Andrew Griffiths email Slope stability studies on newly discovered submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc Region, SW Pacific. Prof Bill McGuire & Dr Ian Wright (NIWA, NZ) Self-funded
Selina Groh
A multi-­disciplinary approach to the analysis of crocodylian phylogeny, diversity and biogeographic history in ‘Deep Time’ Prof Paul Upchurch & Dr Julia Day
Thomas Halliday
email The enigmatic evolutionary relationships of Palaeocene mammals and their relevance for the Tertiary radiation of placental mammals. Dr Anjali Goswami Dr Paul Upchurch  NERC
Tianchen He
email Evolution of marine redox condition and seawater chemistry during Cambrian period Dr Graham Shields  
Christopher Howard
email    Dr Dominic Fortes
Tomos Kempley
email  Is Earth’s topography controlled by mantle thermodynamics? Prof Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni  NERC
Hojung Kim
Quantifying rates of evolution in Paleogene coccolithophores  Prof Paul Bown
David King
Evolution and extinction in Miocene planktonic foraminiferal genus Paragloborotalia Prof Bridget Wade & Giles Miller (NHM) & Mark Leckie (UM, Amherst)
Simon Maxwell
The quality of the hominin fossil record: Implications for evolutionary and palaeoecological analyses.  Dr Phil Hopley (BBK) & Prof Paul Upchurch
Georgios Michas
Self-organized criticality and non extensivity in the Corinth Rift Zone.
Prof Peter Sammonds, Prof Filippos Vallianatos, Dr Gerald Roberts 
IKY Greek State Scholarship Foundation
Tania Micoara email Nannoplankton evolution through the Oligocene-early Miocene interval. Prof Paul Bown & Dr Stuart Robinson  Self-funded
Julie Mizzi email The Cenozoic middle Eocene nannoplankton diversity peak: biogeography, taxonomy and stratigraphy. Prof Paul Bown Self-funded
Cherry Newsam email Plankton evolution and the Paleogene greenhouse–icehouse climate-mode transition. Prof Paul Bown
Dr Stuart Robinson
David Rutledge (Petrostrat)
NERC and CASE with Petrostrat 
Georgios Papadakis
A non-extensive statistical physics approach to the Seismicity in subduction zones. Application to the geodynamic system of the Hellenic arc.
Prof Peter Sammonds, Prof Filippos Vallianatos
IKY Greek State Scholarship Foundation
Christopher Poole 
Testing times: Evolution and extinction events in Cenozoic tropical planktonic foraminifera Prof Bridget Wade   NERC
Robert Robertson email Researching volcanic seismicity and uplift links as short term eruption predictors. Dr Chris KilburnProf Bill McGuire Self-funded
Steven Robinson email Cryogenian climate change as inferred from sequences in North and South China. Did the low latitudes freeze? Dr Graham Shields
James Santangeli email The Origin of Deep Earthquakes. Prof David Dobson Phil Meredith  NERC
Rebecca Southworth email
Nitrogen isotope fractionation at high pressures and temperatures. Dr Adrian Jones,Prof David Dobson and Dr. Alex Verchovsky (Open University) EPSRC CASE (De Beers)
Alexander Steele
email Forecasting unrest and eruption at large volcanic calderas  Dr Chris Kilburn & Agust Gudmundsson (RHUL)
Paul Sutherland
The hydrogeological impacts of Coal Bed Methane development.
Dr Willy Burgess
Rachel Tilling  
email Satellite radar altimeter estimates of Arctic sea ice volume, and an investigation into sea ice dynamics 
Prof Andrew Shepherd  NERC
Samuel Thomas
email Arctic Ocean mean dynamic topography from satellite altimetry and gravity measurements. Prof Andrew Shepherd  NERC
Elizabeth Wann email The composition of the Core of terrestrial planets: the role of nickel and light elements. Prof Lidunka Vocadlo Dr Ian Wood  STFC
Robin Wylie email Magma Chamber Processes monitored through Carbon Isotopes at Etna Volcano. Dr Adrian Jones 
Ying Shields-Zhou
email Constructing a seawater strontium isotope curve for the Neoproterozoic Era  Prof J. Thurow  Self-funded