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2018-03- Hazard Centre

News from the UCL Hazard Centre

Geochemical surveillance is essential for reducing risk at actively degassing volcanoes. Variations in concentration and compositions of gases can be indicators of magma ascent or changes in hydrothermal system dynamics, so monitoring is important for the timely detection of unrest. The gases themselves can also present a major health hazard, with impacts ranging from aggravation of respiratory conditions and skin inflammation, to asphyxiation and death. A key challenge for monitoring is that degassing can occur over large areas and concentrations can change rapidly. In an ideal scenario, networks of instruments capable of providing real-time information would be installed across the degassing area, but conventional methods are usually cost-prohibitive.

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The Planetary Ices Group is based in the Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL/Birkbeck, located on the main UCL Bloomsbury Gower Street campus. Visitors should enter the Quadrangle from Gower Street, and enter the Kathleen Lonsdale Building through the connecting bridge from the north cloisters; the Centre for Planetary Sciences is located directly adjacent to this entrance to the KLB.

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