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Arctic Base Camp Event at Davos.

UCL Professor Julienne Stroeve once again participated in the Arctic Base Camp at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. Several scientists came together to talk about Arctic climate change and impacts on the rest of the world, followed by talks from industry leaders who focused on solutions.

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Planetary Ices Group

The Planetary Ices Group carries out world leading research into the structure, dynamics and astrobiological potential of icy planetary bodies, with a particular focus on determining the properties of their constituent icy ‘minerals’. Planetary bodies are essentially crystalline aggregates: the structure and evolution of all such bodies are thus fundamentally due to the microscopic behaviour of the component crystals – equilibrium structures, elasticity, and transport properties for example. In determining the magnitudes of these properties for different ices and for the highly hydrated phases thought to exist in the interiors of outer solar-system moons we employ a coordinated multidisciplinary approach involving a combination of experimental and computational techniques.