The Geochemistry Group




Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility

The Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility

This is a stable-isotope laboratory shared with the Departments of Geography and Chemistry. Three mass spectrometers analyse C, N, O, S & H in minerals, water and organic matter. Natural radio-nuclides are counted using three gamma- and eight alpha-spectrometers and an ultra-low-background scintillation counter, supporting a 210Pb dating service for lake sediments and the study of U-series radio-nuclides in ground-waters and their host rocks


Biogeochemistry Laboratory

The Biogeochemistry lab houses a LC/MS and elemental analyser.  The lab also offers a dedicated work area for solvent extraction of biomarkers.

The LC/MS is dedicated to the measurement of TEX86 and related indices as palaeotemperature proxies.  Also the lab makes use of the FlashEA which can measure the abundance of organic elements in samples as small as 0.01 mg depending on the type of material.


Cross-Faculty Elemental Analysis Facility

Cross-Faculty Elemental Analysis FacilityThe Facility houses: a Bruker M90 ICP-MS equipped with autosampler; a Varian 720 ICP-AES (axial configuration) equipped with autosampler; facilities for making dilutions and standards.If you require use of the Facility, please contact the laboratory manager, Prof John McArthur, to discuss the work proposed.

Pearson Lab

Wolfson Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry

This laboratory measures the geochemical properties of the Earth’s surface materials, underpinning research on biogeochemical cycling and environmental pollution.