UCL Earth Sciences

Danuta Kaminski

Danuta G. Kaminski




IT Manager
Affiliate Tutor
Departmental E-Learning Champion
Data Protection Coordinator
Kathleen Lonsdale, G11

Courses Taught: 

Contributions towards:
GEOL3003-Geodynamics & Global Tectonics 
GEOL3030-Field Geophysics
GEOL3042-Geological/Environmental Mapping Project
GEOLM037-Deep Earth & Planetary Modelling

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Telephone Number: 

d. kaminski@ucl.ac.uk 020 3108 6355  (56355)


IT Management: Development and implementation of IT-based components of teaching, IT support to all aspects of departmental life through computing project development and implementation, systems and network management, development and maintenance of the departmental Web pages and Internet-based services, departmental servers management, Windows support issues, support for Mac and UNIX/Linux systems, training and teaching support, hardware integration for research purposes.

Teaching: Computing components for the undergraduate curriculum, delivered either through Skills Thread programme or as practical components to number of individual courses. The subjects covers: working with vector graphics - utilizing Illustrator for digital mapping project, Image manipulations skills, ArcGIS induction, Data analysis and manipulation using Matlab and Excel and Induction to UNIX and Fortran compilers.

All Departmental Enquiries: earthsci@ucl.ac.uk