UCL Earth Sciences

John P. Bowles

John P. Bowles




Head of Laboratories
Senior Experimental Officer
Mechanical Design Engineer
Departmental Safety Officer
Departmental Estates Manager
Chair of the Departmental Safety Committee
Chair of the Technical Scheduling Forum
B01A Kathleen Lonsdale Building 

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 


020 3108 6316 (Internal 56316) or

020 7679 2437 (Internal 32437)


Overall technical management of the experimental laboratories and workshops of Earth Sciences including supervision & training of the students and staff that use the equipment in the laboratories.

Design and development of specialised unique research equipment for the experimental laboratories of Earth Sciences using a variety of CAE/CAD software. Departmental Safety planning.

Liaison with UCL Estates and Facilities projects staff on departmental building projects, building & maintenance requests.

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