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Ms Ying Shields-Zhou

Ms Ying Shields-Zhou

Ms Ying Shields-Zhou



NERC Research Programme Manager
Kathleen Lonsdale, 101

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Non-Teaching Appointment

Research Group(s):

Precambrian Research


Long Term Coevolution of Life and the Planet

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y.shields-zhou@ucl.ac.uk 020 3108 6349 (56349)

Research Summary:

Ying Zhou coordinates NERC’s research programme: Geofluids (2014-2019). Before that, she was the manager of another NERC research programme: Long Term Coevolution of Life and the Planet (2011-2015). For the last four years she has facilitated inter-project communication and public engagement, launched and maintained the programme website, and organised international research conferences and early career researcher training workshops.

Originally a physical geographer, Ying previously carried out research on regional planning in river catchments, comparing the planning systems of Germany and China. Since she moved to the UK, she has been involved in various Sino-UK research initiatives, most recently through the Life & Planet programme. For more information about that programme, follow this link: Life & Planet.

With this experience behind her, and in her new role with ‘Geofluids’, Ying’s goal is to facilitate inter-project, multidisciplinary communication and cooperation, alongside exploring new ways to strengthen future Sino-UK research linkages with an emphasis on graduate student training in the geosciences.

While managing the L&P programme, Ying shifted her research interests from the modern to the ancient environment. Currently, she is reconstructing the radiogenic and stable isotopic evolution of Neoproterozoic seawater using sedimentary rocks on the North China Craton as a basis for a global curve.

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