UCL Earth Sciences

Research Staff

Rooms: KLB: Kathleen Lonsdale Building 






Dr Fatin Altuhafi
30404  OG7 KLB email
Geo-technical Engineering 
Dr Edward Bailey 37083  O1.19 KLB email High Pressure Experimental Petrology/Mineral Physics
Dr Sudeshna Basugupta     email Shale Gas Geochemistry
Dr Mark Bell 30404  OG4 KLB email Vertebrate Palaeontology
Dr Neil Cagney 30404  OG4 KLB email Fluid Dynamics
Dr Fabio Crameri
32435  O1.10 KLB email
Dr Cono Di Paola 32425  O1.1O KLB email Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Stephen Edwards 37880
414 Lewis email Disaster Management and Volcanoes
Dr Megan French 
South Wing email 
Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction 
Dr Cui Hang

 KLB email Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Eero Holmstrom
220 KLB email Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Anne-Lise Jourdan
32399 01.19 KLB email BEIF Manager
Dr Joshua Muir 32425 01.1C KLB email Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Keely O'Farrell 30404  OG4 KLB email Mantle Dynamics 
Dr Carlos Pinilla
 O1.10 KLB email
Computational Modelling of Earth Materials
Dr Monica Pozzo 32425  O1.1C KLB email Condensed Matter Physics
Dr Andrew Ridout 33740  228A Pearson email Remote Sensing - Sea Ice
Dr Martin Rittner 32418  OG7 KLB email Geochronology
Dr David Santamaria-Perez 37083
 O1.19 KLB email Geochemistry
Dr Lewis Schardong 33578  228B Pearson email
Dr James Schwanethal 32418  OG7 KLB email Geochronology
Dr Roberto Scipioni 32180  220 Pearson email Computational Mineral Physics
Ms Ying Shields-Zhou 32146  219 Pearson email Palaeoclimatology
Dr Andrew Thompson
 37083  01.10 KLB
  Computational Mineral Physics
Dr Yuntao Tian 32418  OG7 KLB email Thermochronology
Dr Michael Towler 32425 O1.1C KLB email Computational Materials Science
Dr Weiwei Wang
 37083 O1.10 KLB email Crystallography
Dr Bing Xiao
 30404  OG4 KLB
  Computational Mineral Physics