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Dr Teh-Ru Alex Song

Dr Teh-Ru Alex Song

Dr Teh-Ru Alex Song



Lectureship in Seismology Kathleen Lonsdale, 117

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GEOL3047 - Seismology I

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alex.song@ucl.ac.uk 020 3108 6370 (56370)

Research Topics:

Observational seismology focusing on analytic and numerical wave propagation modelling of broadband waveform and investigation of isotropic/anisotropic Earth structure relevant to plate tectonic processes and fast/slow earthquakes behaviours near plate boundary. 

Primarily driven by observations and always open to new venue in research, here are some of the topics I have been involved: 

Topics related to the interior of the Earth

1. High resolution mapping of density contrast across upper mantle discontinuity.

2. High frequency scattering and fine-scale anisotropy in plate. 

3. Anisotropic mantle lid in subducted slab, oceanic plate and craton and cratonic lithosphere. Inference of the formation of cratonic lithosphere and paleo spreading rate back to Archean. 

4. Seismic characterisation of fine structure in subducted slab to investigate transport of water, slab serpentinisation, slab melt and volcanic melt. 

5. Seismic characterizations of D'' layer using 2-D and 3-D wave propagation and implication on phase transition, partial melt, composition anomaly and slab graveyard. 

6. Modeling core phases and examination of inner core topography to understand the growth of inner core.

7. Lithospheric instability near continental rife. 

8. Nature of lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary from joint modelling of SKS wave and teleseimsic receiver function. 

Topics related to earthquake sources

1. Source scaling of repeating earthquakes.

2. Structural control of megathrust earthquake, slow slip events and non-volcanic tremors in subduction zones. 

3. Temporal velocity changes associated with great earthquakes and implications on material re-equilibrium and strain-rate dependent processes at seismogenic depth. 

4. Constrain rheology of oceanic plate using relocation of small-to-moderate tele seismic earthquakes.

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