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Prof Graham Shields

Prof Graham Shields

Dr Graham Shields



Professor of Geology 216 Pearson Building

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GEOL1013 The Earth

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Precambrian Research Group

Life and the Planet

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g.shields@ucl.ac.uk 020 7679 7821 (37821)

1. How did the the modern Earth system come into being? - I use geochemical and isotopic tracers to study the evolutionary dynamics of our planet's oceans and atmosphere during the awakening of biological complexity amid climatic and tectonic upheaval: about 1000-500 million years ago; 

2. Was sedimentation different in the Precambrian? - Rocks also provide important clues about our changing planetary environment. Early marine cements and other authigenic minerals such as francolite (calcium phosphate) have changed both their character and abundance through time, presumably as a result of wider environmental evolution;

3. Can sedimentary geochemistry be applied to environmental problems? - Yes, it can, and I have worked on this at times. Geochemical tracers in corals have helped us to constrain human-induced changes in soil erosion, while I have also dabbled at times in municipal waste disposal and recycling; land remediation and phosphate resources.

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