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Dr Dominic Fortes

Dr Dominic Fortes

Dr Dominic Fortes



Lecturer Kathleen Lonsdale 

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GEOL1015 Introduction to Planetary Science

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Planetary Ices Group

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andrew.fortes@ucl.ac.uk 020 7679 2383 (32383)

My primary interests in the field of Planetary Science cover the icy satellites of the Gas Giant planets and their constituent ice and hydrate phases. I'm interested in all aspects of icy planet tectonics, cryovolcanism, thermal history, and surface and atmospheric processes. Naturally, this leads to an interest in the consequences of ice planet geophysics and geology for subjects such as astrobiology, particularly where conditions allow for the existence of aqueous solutions, such as appear to exist beneath the surfaces of Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, and Titan.

I have been most fortunate to have been awarded two Fellowships in order to carry out this research. The first was a three-year fellowship from the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), and the second a five-year advanced STFC fellowship; these fund my studies into the structure and physical properties of 'planetary ices' including water ice and hydrates of ammonia, and various salts, as described on these pages. I employ a combination of computational and experimental methods to achieve my research goals. Most of the experimental work is based around neutron powder or single-crystal diffraction, usually done at the ISIS facility, where I have carried out over 170 days of data collection in the past nine years, and at the Institut Laue Langevin in Grenoble.

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