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World's Biggest Landslide Floated Like a Hovercraft

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The Heart Mountain landslide of northwest Wyoming is the largest known sub-aerial landslide on Earth. During its emplacement more than 2000 km3 of Paleozoic sedimentary and Eocene volcanic rocks slid >45 km on a basal detachment surface dipping 2°, leading to 100 yr of debate regarding the emplacement mechanisms. "Even I have a hard time visualizing a mountain moving 50 kilometers, but you can move it if the friction is low enough," said lead study author Tom Mitchell.

Arctic sea ice level recovery in 2014

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 Despite a well-documented ~40% decline in summer Arctic sea ice extent since the late 1970’s, it has been difficult to estimate trends in sea ice volume because thickness observations have been spatially incomplete and temporally sporadic. While numerical models suggest that the decline in extent has been accompanied by a reduction in volume, there is considerable disagreement over the rate at which this has occurred.

NERC funded PhD Opportunities

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3 PhD studentships available in the area of “Volatiles, Geodynamics and Solid Earth Controls on the Habitable Planet”

MSci students join international research project in Chile.

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As part of their independent research project two MSci students, Joe Potten and Rebecca Pearce are taking part in a larger 4-year Chilean-funded project involving Tom Mitchell (UCL), Jose Cembrano and Gonzalo Yanez ,both from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.  This project aims to focus on the nature and tectono-magmatic significance of transverse crustal structures in the Andes, with some selected case studies from the Southern Volcanic Zone.

Science meets Theatre to talk about Climate

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2071 is a Royal Court play with Prof Chris Rapley, our climate scientist  who is presenting his position on climate change.  Together with playwright Duncan Macmillian, Chris has created a 70-minute play. He is the co-writer and performer delivering emotion-free, full of sobering facts monologue.

ESA High Level Science Policy Advisory Committee

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Prof Chris Rapley is the Chair of Director General’s High Level Science Policy Advisory Committee at European Space Agency (HISPAC).

Festival of Geology 2014

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Festival of Geology 2014

The annual Festival of Geology will take place on Saturday 1 November at UCL with filed trips on Sunday 2nd November.  For this year we have invited Professor Peter Styles who will talk about 'Shale Gas: What the frack is that all about!?'  Richard Edmonds will follow with the presentation about ‘Fossils and fossil collecting along the Jurassic Coast’.  For the afternoon session we have scheduled two talks one by Professor Iain Stewart - ‘Planet Oil’ and the second one by Dr. Laurance Donnelly - ‘Forensic Geology: The Applications of Geology to Policing and Law Enforcement’.

The Neftex Earth Model Award:

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NETFLIX award 2014

and the first prize goes to ...... Rhys Shea.

We are pleased to announce that Rhys Shea, our 2014 MSci graduate has won First Prize in the 2014 Neftex Earth Model Award for his project entitled ‘Effect of Buoyant Flat-Slab Subduction on Surface Plate Kinematics: The Nazca – South American Case Study​’.

Co-evolution of Life and the Planet Conference 

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Life and Planet

Future perspectives in Earth System Science

4th of November ICE-Breaker at UCL

Marvellous maps

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A brilliant - and academically important - private collection of maps has been made available to the public.

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