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World’s Oldest Fossils Unearthed.

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Geological Spectroscopy Lab

Research led by Dr Dominic Papineau & Matt Dodd provide direct evidence for one of the oldest life forms on Earth - fossilized remains of microorganisms that are at least 3,770 million years old.

Forests and frost? Antarctica in a 400ppm CO2 world: evidence from the rock record

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Prof Dame Jane Francis Talk

Prof Dame Jane Francis, the Director of the British Antarctic Survey will present this talk on 15th of March 2017

Study of the Glacial Erosion in the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Matthew Fox, NERC Research Fellow will spend 6 weeks collecting samples to measure the long-term pattern and physical processes of glacial erosion.

The Changing Arctic.

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Julienne Stroeve, Professor of Polar Observation & Modelling took part in ArcticBaseCamp in Davos & Annual Arctic Frontiers in Norway events.

Microdynamics of Ice.

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Theme issue of the Royal Society edited by Prof Peter Sammonds.

Prof Peter Sammonds and Colleagues compiled and edited the theme issue of “Microdynamics of ice” published by the Philosophical transaction of the Royal Society A. This theme issue highlights some of the recent advances in the observations, analyses, theories, modelling and interpretation of ice microstructures and micro-deformation mechanisms. Among the contributors are @ES_UCL past and present researchers: Daniel L. Feltham, Peter M. Grindrod, Daniel C. Hatton, Ben Lishman, Ceri A. Middleton, Alexandra Seymour-Pierce.

Prof David Dobson will be the first UCL Scientist in Residence at the Slade School of Art.

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2017-01- Dobson

UCL announces pioneering Scientist in Residence Initiative at Slade School of Art

Congratulations to David Dobson, Professor of Earth Materials on his new appointment as the first  Scientist in Residence at the UCL Slade School of Art. Professor Dobson will be based in the Slade School of Fine Art for one year from January 2017.

UCL Graduate Study Open Day.

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PG Open Day

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 2-7pm in the Wilkins Building

Come and visit us at the UCL Graduate Study Open Day:

Dynamic Hazard Map of the Campi Flegrei Caldera.

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Daniella Charlton wins the 2016 Student Dynamic Mapping Competition.

Congratulations to Danielle Charlton, our PhD student (UCL Hazard Centre), who has won first prize for her dynamic hazard map of the Campi Flegrei caldera at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS).

Oxygen Levels were Key to Early Animal Evolution.

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The research, based on fieldwork carried out in the Nama Group in Namibia, is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Understanding the Arctic.

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EarthSciences Arctic Meeting

UK sea ice workshop and public event at UCL: Understanding the Arctic September 2016 sea ice minimum.

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