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Alumnus Summer Party

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Free event to all alumni - RSVP by Friday 22nd May 2015

All UCL Earth Sciences alumni are cordially invited to our Alumnus Summer Party on Friday 12th June 2015. The Party will run from 6pm to 11pm and will be held in the Marquee in the UCL Main Quad (access via main entrance on Gower Street). There is no charge, and complimentary drinks and a buffet will be provided.

Our PhD geochemists present their research.

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2015 Geochemistry Group Research in Progress Meeting.

Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann and PhD students Rehemat Bhatia and Tianchen He attended the 2015 Geochemistry Group Research in Progress Meeting, which took place at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton.

Mixed-Habit Diamonds

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Nitrogen isotope systematics and origins of mixed-habit diamonds

Nitrogen isotope values from mantle diamonds are a commonly used tracer in the quest to track volatiles within the Earth’s mantle through deep time. Interpretations of this isotope data are valid so long as stable isotope fractionation processes in the mantle are understood.

ShaleXenvironmenT - EU Funded Research into shale gas.

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EU Funds Adrian Jones

Adrian Jones and colleagues have received major EU funding to study environmental assessment of shale gas.

Postgraduate Taught Prize Winner 2014

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Lara Smale was awarded MAPS Faculty prize for impressive work in her MSc in Geophysical Hazards.

In her response to being awarded the MAPS Faculty prize, Lara stated: “I am both thrilled and stunned to receive this prize. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the UCL Hazard Centre and would like to express my gratitude to the staff and fellow students for making it such a great experience. My MSc research project was centred on risk communication during a volcanic emergency and how interdisciplinary methods can be applied to increase the likelihood of successful translation of physical science into an effective emergency response. This is a critical area of applied volcanology as misunderstandings between scientists, emergency managers and the media can transform an emergency into disaster. I would especially like to thank my supervisors for all of their time, guidance and support. I’m excited to be collaborating with them on a paper in the future.”

Prof Tom Barnard

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Professor Tom Barnard, who died earlier this year (26th Jan. 2015), was a UCL graduate, and after service in World War II was appointed in 1946 as an Assistant Lecturer in Micropalaeontology at UCL. He was promoted to Professor in 1963, and retired from UCL in 1982.

NERC: The Long-term Co-Evolution of Life and the Planet

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2011-2015 Programme summary at the 2014 Conference: Future perspectives in Earth System Science

ERC grant: Dr Anjali Goswami for research in evolution and vertebrate diversity

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1.5m Euros research grant to fund quantitative study of the deep-time evolution and diversity of vertebrates.

2015 Careers Fair - 29th January 

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2015 Careers Fair icons

The annual Careers Forum takes place in the Garwood Lecture Theatre, from 6 – 7.30 and is followed by wine etc. in the Rock Room, where you are able to meet the speakers, and also Andy Walsh, the Careers Consultant within the UCL Careers Service who is responsible for Earth Sciences.

Geophysics Price Medal awarded to Prof Brodholt

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The Price Medal (G)

On Friday 9 January the Royal Astronomical Society announced the Society’s medals and awards for 2015. The prizes honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to astronomy and geophysics. The recipients will be invited to receive their awards at the 2015 National Astronomy Meeting, which will be held in Llandudno during July.

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