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The Earth has rusted heart.

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A seismologically consistent compositional model of Earth’s core

"No one knows precisely what the composition of the center of the Earth is. This is one of the best kept secrets of our planet as mankind has never reached deeper than 12 km below its surface." writes  Tristan Vey in Le Figaro. In fact only laboratory experiments, seismological analysis and thermodynamic models can help us get a better understanding of this mysterious inner core. These show the existence of a liquid metallic outer core with a diameter of about 5000 km that contains a “small” and spinning solid inner core about 2400 km wide. While this solid part is almost exclusively composed of iron-nickel alloy (with a 16/1 ratio), seismological surveys have shown that the surrounding environment of liquified metal contains significant quantities of lighter elements such as sulphur, carbon, silicon as well as oxygen. But in what proportion? 

Processes controlling top, bottom and lateral melt of Arctic sea ice.

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Arctic Melt

Michel Tsamados introduces a recent study published in a special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 'Arctic sea ice reduction: the evidence, models and impacts'.

The core thermal history - it is cooling more quickly than assumed.

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Joined study published in Nature Geoscience with UCL contributors:  Monica Pozzo and Dario Alfe.

Cool summer of 2013 boosted Arctic sea ice

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2015 - Arctic study

The lead author of the Nature paper, PhD student Rachel Tilling, talks about her scientific findings. 

Animals breathe freely for the first time 520 million-years ago.

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Shields-Nature Communication

Joined study published in Nature Communications shows that the 'Cambrian explosion' was in step with the expansion of oxygenated bottom waters in the global ocean.  

Outreach Event: I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

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Prof Lidunka Vočadlo will be joining the Extreme Force Zone to answer students’ questions. Event runs: 15 -26th of June.

Linking genetic and fossil data of marine zooplankton

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Chris Poole

UCL PhD student Chris Poole and Prof. Bridget Wade co-author a paper in PLoS ONE linking genetic and fossil data of marine zooplankton (planktonic foraminifera).

GSA's classic papers

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Liz Gunt image

Liz Gaunt, our resent PhD graduate, is making an impact in social media with her latest GSA paper.

Soapbox Science 2015 - bringing Sciences to the People

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Amy Edgington is representing UCL in this outreach event that promotes women scientists and the science they do. “Atoms: A Window into Space

Job Opportunity - Research Associates level.

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Applications are invited for Research Associate in Computational and Experimental Mineral Physics.

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