UCL Earth Sciences

Senior Promotions

31 July 2014

Warmest congratulations to Paul Upchurch and Ian Wood on their promotions to Professor of Palaeobiology & Professor of Crystallography respectively. We also would like to congratulate Dr  Pieter Vermeesch on his promotion to Reader in Geochronology.

Senior Promotions

Paul Upchurch research focuses on: vertebrate systematics and evolution (especially dinosaurs, but also pterosaurs, mammals, crocodiles, salamanders, birds etc.); Mesozoic ecosystems and biogeography; phylogenetic and biogeographic methods; fossil record quality and ancient biodiversity change (e.g. mass extinction's); latitudinal biodiversity gradients in 'Deep Time'.

Ian Wood research highlights include: crystallography, X-ray and neutron powder diffraction, high pressure and high/low temperature diffraction experiments, clay minerals and planetary ices studies.

Pieter Vermeesch research encompasses all aspects of thermochronology including in-situ U-TH-He dating and aeolian geomorphology with work done in the central Sahara, Namibian desert and China.  His work extends to cosmogenic nuclide dating and statistics.