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Jacqueline McGlade appointed UNEP Chief Scientist

28 February 2014


Jacqueline McGlade, Professor of Environmental Infomatics at our department was appointed as UNEP's new Chief Scientist, effective from February 2014. 

Prof. McGlade completed her BSc in Marine Biology, Biochemistry and Soil Science at the University College of North Wales, UK, and obtained her PhD degree on aquatic sciences and zoology from University of Guelph in Canada. Her research focuses on the spatial and nonlinear dynamics of ecosystems, natural resource management and policies, climate change and scenario development. 

Prof. McGlade joined the the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2013 as the Executive Director's Special Adviser on "UNEP Live", a global digital platform designed to facilitate the exchange and sharing of up-to-date open access data, information, assessments, the co-generation of more inclusive knowledge, establish an extensive community of expertise, provide capacity building and a range of analytical and national reporting tools via local and cloud services, to introduce a fundamental shift in the thinking behind integrated assessments, the use of environmental data and information sharing and strengthening the science policy interface.

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