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Knowledge Transfer enables us to develop lasting partnership with external communities such as industry, business, government and the public sector. By developing practical applications for our research, we can contribute to the economic competitiveness of the UK, the effectiveness of public services and policy, and the quality of life. In addition to the presentation of our results to the scientific community through conferences, meetings and publications, our research is also disseminated in many diverse areas, ranging from geological hazards and climate change, hydrocarbon reservoir development, to restoration projects and the investigation of materials for use in fuel cells. 

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    The problem-solving approach encourages collaborative research across academic disciplines and in partnerships with number of industries. Take a look
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    Geology is all around us, and you do not have to be a student at UCL to appreciate the fascination of earth sciences Take a look

Beyond our Academic Studies:

The Geology Collections

Learning with objects has been an integral part of geological study at UCL since the first half of the nineteenth century. Today, the collection includes not only rocks, minerals and fossils collected over the last 175 years, but also individual collections of historical importance. 

ES Walks

London walks is a series of geological walks written by a number of individuals, some of whom are connected with UCL Earth Sciences, which allow Londoners to see a range of geological features, and rocks from around the world, all on the doorstep.

Mars in the Classroom

The Mars in the Classroom project provides years 9 - 11 (ages 13 - 16 yrs) science pupils in the UK with an engaging programme of extra-curricular activities. Students are asked to plan their own manned mission to Mars, exploring a wide range of relevant subjects both theoretically and experimentally as they progress through various workshops.

Mars in the Classroom