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Our PhD Students

Joel Davis

Joel Davis

"Same processes as the Earth, just on Mars"

PhD project title:

Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions on Mars

Project description:

My research primarily focuses on the evolution of the Martian surface, in particular examining the geomorphological and mineralogical evidence for surface water, both at a local, regional and global scale (e.g. valley networks, deltas, and clay minerals). This is mainly done through remote sensing processes and by making analogues with the Earth. Much of the focus is on the how long any of potential surface water could have remained a liquid.

More generally, I'm interested in Mars' early atmosphere and the climate system and how that may be coupled to more recent changes in the polar regions, in addition to the glacial and peri-glacial features found in the higher latitudes. On the terrestrial side of the things, I'm also looking into changes in the carbon cycle, and how the shallowing and deepening of the carbonate compensation depth (CCD) over time could influence the amount of sedimentary carbonate being subducted into the mantle.

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