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UCL Humanitarian Institute Evening Conference Series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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HI Conference

Sustainable Development in the Himalaya

Friday 20th October 2017 18:00 to 21:00

UCL Humanitarian Institute Masterclass

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HI MSclass

The masterclasses are led by experts and practitioners from across UCL and our international collaborators.

IRDR Special Seminar: The future of risk auditing: catastrophe models in disaster risk reduction

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Catastrophe impacts

The global catastrophe insurance industry almost went out of business at the start of the 1990s. Catastrophe impacts are too just volatile to measure the average level of life loss or economic impacts from a few years or even a few decades of experience data. 

Size matters in the detection of exoplanet atmospheres

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Hot Jupiter exoplanets

A group-analysis of 30 exoplanets orbiting distant stars suggests that size, not mass, is a key factor in whether a planet’s atmosphere can be detected according to a UCL-led team of European researchers.

Guest crater on the Moon

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John Guest

A crater on the Moon has been named after the late John Guest (1938-2012), a pioneer in volcanology and planetary science, who inspired generations of colleagues and students at UCL for over half a century. During his time at UCL, John established the emerging disciplines of planetary geology and physical volcanology and, in 1980, he founded the first NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility outside the USA. 

Building Resilience to Geohazards in the Face of Uncertainty

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China Debris

A conference on 'Building Resilience to Geohazards in the Face of Uncertainty' is going to be held in London (at the Geological Society) on 7-8 September 2017. For more details see below:

Surface currents under Arctic sea ice detected from space.

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Arctic Sea Ice Animation

Arctic Ocean surface geostrophic circulation 2003–2014 from Envisat and Cryosat radar altimeters.

Our MSc Geoscience students publish their research.

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MSc Students papers

Research papers in the field of Micropalaeontology.

Former UCL MSc students David King and Cherry Newsam have published their UCL MSc Geoscience research in a peer-reviewed journal. Both projects focused on the use of microscopic fossils to investigate extinction and palaeoenvironmental change.

UCL Humanitarian Summit 22nd June 2017.

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humanitarian summit

Following the award of 2016-2019 UCL Provost Strategic Discretionary Funding to develop a Humanitarian Institute, we are pleased to invite the UCL community and their collaborators to a UCL Humanitarian Summit on 22nd June 2017.

UCL IRDR Seminar 2017- Disaster in Japan 2011: The Latest Research

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Friday 23rd June 2017

09:30 - 13:15 UCL Roberts Building 106, Gower Street London

Join us for an engaging, international seminar where there will be a keynote talk, panel discussions and presentations on some of the latest Japanese and British research around the triple disaster of 11th March 2011: the Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear release.

Sediments tell a tsunami story.

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Sumatra - IODP map

Results of the Sumatra Subduction Zone IODP Expedition (2016) have been published in the journal Science.

The intellectual and social benefits of astrobiology

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The International Journal of Astrobiology

In a new article soon to be published by the International Journal of Astrobiology, Professor Ian Crawford aims to explain the broader aims of astrobiology: 

Professor Ian Crawford elected Vice President of the Royal Astronomical Society

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Professor Ian Crawford

Congratulations to CPS member Professor Ian Crawford on his recent election to the role of Vice President (Geophysics) of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).   A full report can be found in the Birkbeck news article linked below.

Campi Flegrei (Italy) volcano eruption possibly closer than thought.

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Dr Chris Kilburn and his Colleagues used a new model of volcano fracturing to investigate whether this volcano may again be preparing to erupt.  

UCL IRDR 7th Annual Conference

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IRDR audience photo

Conference theme: Global Challenges in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

Wednesday 21st June 2017 

Testing low-cost sensors at Campi Flegrei in Italy.

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Fostering innovative European collaborations between UCL Hazard Centre and the Vesuvius Observatory in Italy.

Pint of Science: What a Disaster!

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Date: Monday 15th May 2017

TIME: 7.30-9.30PM


International Workshop: Increasing Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones. 10-11 July 2017

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UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction and University of Jammu, Institute of Energy Research and Training will host an inter-disciplinary International Workshop on Increasing Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones in Leh, Ladakh, India, 10-11 July 2017.

World’s oldest fossils unearthed

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ANCIENT HOLDFAST This filament and clump of iron ore (lower right) may have once been a strand of microbial cells attached to rocks around hydrothermal vent openings. Credit: M. Dodd

Remains of microorganisms at least 3,770 million years old have been discovered by an international team led by UCL scientists and CPS members PhD student Matthew Dodd and Dr Dominic Papineau, providing direct evidence of one of the oldest life forms on Earth.

World’s Oldest Fossils Unearthed.

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Geological Spectroscopy Lab

Research led by Dr Dominic Papineau & Matt Dodd provide direct evidence for one of the oldest life forms on Earth - fossilized remains of microorganisms that are at least 3,770 million years old.

Forests and frost? Antarctica in a 400ppm CO2 world: evidence from the rock record

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Prof Dame Jane Francis Talk

Prof Dame Jane Francis, the Director of the British Antarctic Survey will present this talk on 15th of March 2017

Study of the Glacial Erosion in the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Matthew Fox, NERC Research Fellow will spend 6 weeks collecting samples to measure the long-term pattern and physical processes of glacial erosion.

The Changing Arctic.

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Julienne Stroeve, Professor of Polar Observation & Modelling took part in ArcticBaseCamp in Davos & Annual Arctic Frontiers in Norway events.

Microdynamics of Ice.

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Theme issue of the Royal Society edited by Prof Peter Sammonds.

Prof Peter Sammonds and Colleagues compiled and edited the theme issue of “Microdynamics of ice” published by the Philosophical transaction of the Royal Society A. This theme issue highlights some of the recent advances in the observations, analyses, theories, modelling and interpretation of ice microstructures and micro-deformation mechanisms. Among the contributors are @ES_UCL past and present researchers: Daniel L. Feltham, Peter M. Grindrod, Daniel C. Hatton, Ben Lishman, Ceri A. Middleton, Alexandra Seymour-Pierce.

Prof David Dobson will be the first UCL Scientist in Residence at the Slade School of Art.

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2017-01- Dobson

UCL announces pioneering Scientist in Residence Initiative at Slade School of Art

Congratulations to David Dobson, Professor of Earth Materials on his new appointment as the first  Scientist in Residence at the UCL Slade School of Art. Professor Dobson will be based in the Slade School of Fine Art for one year from January 2017.

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