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What is Athena SWAN?

Launched in June 2005, the Athena SWAN charter recognises and celebrates good employment practices for women working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM) in higher education and research. It aims to assist the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in STEMM and promote good practice.

In order to apply for an Athena-SWAN award departments much undertake a comprehensive assessment of their culture and organisation in order to demonstrate that they fulfill the core principles of the Athena-SWAN charter. UCL was awarded its first University wide bronze award in 2006, and has since renewed this award in 2009 and 2012.  In his letter of support for UCL's bronze award renewal, the Provost stated that UCL ''will take all necessary action at University, faculty and departmental levels to monitor progress towards an organisational culture where all can thrive, are equally valued, and experience equality of opportunity for career progression''. The Ear Institute will be applying for an Athena-SWAN award this November.

What is the Ear Institute Doing for You?

Since the spring of 2012 the EI Athena-SWAN self-assessment team have been working hard to assess how the EI might better manage gender equality, the career development of its students and staff and promote women in research. In response to your questionnaire responses we have implemented a number of changes - some examples are the new Ear Institute Careers day and changing the timing of final fridays to be more family friendly.

New initiatives

  • Mentoring scheme for Post Docs: email Maria Chait for more information
  • 'EI conference childcare' bursary: email Jen Bizley for more information

Ear Institute Careers Day

Our first annual careers day was held in September 2013

Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team

UCL Grant Writing Workshops

As discussed at the Career Day, UCL hosts various workshops on grant writing.  ‘Think-Write: Writing targeted grant proposals’ will be held on 12th November from 10am-4pm and is geared towards those who:

  • are about to write your first grant proposal,
  • find grant-writing an unfocussed and/or time-consuming task
  • would like to have a more strategic approach to grant winning and funding your research

Resource Links

Athena SWAN sites:

UCL sites:

UCL maternity and paternity links:

Other resources

  • Childcare in Academia Hall of Fame: This blog post has a great list of research grants available to help fund childcare or conferences with on site childcare, support groups and more. Written by Paola Elefante

Gender Issues in the Media

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