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Dr Marina Mat Baki

Dr Marina Mat Baki PhD

PhD Student of Prof. Martin Birchall

Research Summary

Laryngeal Re-innervation Versus Type I Thyroplasty

Vibration of two vocal cords in the voice box produces voice. One sided weakness of the voice box is called Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis (UVCP). It is due to injury to the nerve that controls its movement. Patients with UVCP have weak voice and maybe swallowing problems which may cause lungs infection. They have problems in communicating with friends, colleagues and customers which may affect their lives and jobs. Therefore, restoring a strong voice is very important. The way to treat this problem is by doing an operation. The two most promising operations are nerve rewiring (re-innervation) and thyroplasty. Both types of operations have their own advantages and disadvantages.

We do not know which of these methods is better. There are no published studies to compare these two operations so far. Therefore, this study is important to find out the best treatment to patients having this problem.

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