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24/06/2016:  UCL Neuroscience Symposium
26/05/2016:  Upcoming talks and presentations
21/05/2016:  CBC  Radio "Yes, It's a Thing"
19/05/2016:  SONA - The seventh sense. 
14/05/2016  Sijia wins popular science blogging award
09/05/2016  The COCOHA project in ARTE Future
18/04/2016  The COCOHA project in EU's Horizon Magazine
21/03/2016: Visit to Tohoku University, Japan
08/03/2016: Women at UCL
08/03/2016: Congrats Sijia
23/02/2016: ARO 2016
15/02/2016: Upcoming conference presentations
25/01/2016: Visit to NTT

Last year's news

18/12/2015: An early Christmas present from Oticon
16/12/2015: Quizmas
16/12/2015: Sijia's e-book is out.
12/12/2015: Kate's new paper is featured in the Huffington Post.
11/12/2015: Real time, sound-based, brain-machine interface
09/12/2015: Study Explains How Screen Time Causes 'Inattentional Deafness'
09/12/2015: Watch Out! Visual Concentration Can Leave You Temporarily ‘Deaf’
07/12/2015: Can binaural beats induce 'expanded awareness'?
04/12/2015: Christmas dinner 2015
30/11/2015: 2016 Flame Challenge
27/11/2015: Congratulations Dr. Lefkothea Andreou
10/09/2015: Sijia granted the MMN conference travel award
31/07/2015: in2science
30/07/2015: Visit by Makoto Yoneya from NTT
28/07/2015: Decision outing
25/07/2015: "The Lab project"
25-26 /06/2015: UCL-PSL workshop on Sensory Systems in Complex Environments
22/06/2015: Jonathan Simon visits
19/06/2015: Chait lab is the lab poster first prize winner at the UCL Neuroscience Symposium
05/05/2015: Chait lab experiences a new sense
26/03/2015: Sijia is interviewed by BBC China.
17/03/2015: Chait lab does hinthunt
03/02/2015: Congratulations to newly minted *Dr.* Nicolas Barascud
24/01/2015: The COCOHA project
13/01/2015: We were just awarded a PhD studentship by AoHL
Chait lab at Christmas dinner 2014
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