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25-26 /06/2015: UCL-PSL workshop on Sensory Systems in Complex Environments

We organized  a two day workshop on "Sensory Systems in Complex Environments" which brought together researchers (PIs and students) from UCL and Paris.

More details are here:

The workshop was funded by a generous contribution from the UCL and PSL international offices. 

A few photos:


22/06/2015: Jonathan Simon visits

19/06/2015: Chait lab is the lab poster first prize winner at the UCL Neuroscience Symposium

Chait Lab Poster

05/05/2015: Chait lab experiences a new sense

Read about the seventh sense "Inaudible sounds" project:


26/03/2015: Sijia is interviewed by BBC China.

Read the interview with Sijia on the BBC site:

17/03/2015: Chait lab does hinthunt

03/02/2015: Congratulations to newly minted *Dr.* Nicolas Barascud


24/01/2015: The COCOHA project

24/01/2015: The COCOHA project - "Cognitive Steering of a Hearing Aid" is officially launched in Paris. Exciting 4 years ahead!

13/01/2015: We were just awarded a PhD studentship by AoHL

We were just awarded a PhD studentship by AoHL. The project is titled: "Evaluating hearing impaired listeners’ sensitivity to changes in dynamic, complex acoustic scenes - Implications for assessing auditory impairment and the benefit attained from a hearing aid". The position (with a starting date of September 2015) will be advertised soon. 

Chait lab at Christmas dinner 2014

Chait lab (-flu victims+friends) at Christmas dinner 2014. Alas after we have eaten all the food!

Lab dinner

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