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10/09/2015: Sijia granted the MMN conference travel award

Congraulations to Sijia for winning the MMN conference travel award.


31/07/2015: in2science

 in2science students Oyinmiebi and Laura who have been interning at the Ear Institute these last two weeks under the supervision of Daniel Bates from our lab  and Katie Smith (Jagger Lab) are demonstrating their newly acquired, and very impressive, EEG prep skills.

Daniel Bates and in2science students

30/07/2015: Visit by Makoto Yoneya from NTT

Makoto Yoneya

Makoto Yoneya, an engineer from NTT, Japan, is visiting the lab this summer. His visit is part of an ongoing collaboration with NTT, also supported by the BBSRC. Makoto's experiments use eye tracking to determine whether micro-saccades (very small eye movements) can be used to understand auditory attention.

Makoto pilotingMakoto Yoneya experiment

28/07/2015: Decision outing

The lab is out on the town, visiting the 'Decision' exhibit at the Hayward Gallery.

The giant (3 story!) slide.

mega slide

Apparently,  world's most complicated clock.


Walking through a virtual forest:

virtual forest

upside down London:

up side down worldup side down world

25/07/2015: "The Lab project"

The Lab Project is an experimental month long exhibition and events program that explores the interactions between art and science.  Our work is featured in the 'step 1' symposium which brings together scientists and creative practitioners to discuss possible 'entanglements' between science and art: " How can we use sound to affect one's experience of their surroundings?"

from Twitter:

25-26 /06/2015: UCL-PSL workshop on Sensory Systems in Complex Environments

We organized  a two day workshop on "Sensory Systems in Complex Environments" which brought together researchers (PIs and students) from UCL and Paris.

More details are here:

The workshop was funded by a generous contribution from the UCL and PSL international offices. 

A few photos:


22/06/2015: Jonathan Simon visits

19/06/2015: Chait lab is the lab poster first prize winner at the UCL Neuroscience Symposium

Chait Lab Poster

05/05/2015: Chait lab experiences a new sense

Read about the seventh sense "Inaudible sounds" project:


26/03/2015: Sijia is interviewed by BBC China.

Read the interview with Sijia on the BBC site:

17/03/2015: Chait lab does hinthunt

03/02/2015: Congratulations to newly minted *Dr.* Nicolas Barascud


24/01/2015: The COCOHA project

24/01/2015: The COCOHA project - "Cognitive Steering of a Hearing Aid" is officially launched in Paris. Exciting 4 years ahead!

13/01/2015: We were just awarded a PhD studentship by AoHL

We were just awarded a PhD studentship by AoHL. The project is titled: "Evaluating hearing impaired listeners’ sensitivity to changes in dynamic, complex acoustic scenes - Implications for assessing auditory impairment and the benefit attained from a hearing aid". The position (with a starting date of September 2015) will be advertised soon. 

Chait lab at Christmas dinner 2014

Chait lab (-flu victims+friends) at Christmas dinner 2014. Alas after we have eaten all the food!

Lab dinner

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