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A  (continually updated) collection of informative/interesting/weird/curious sound-related links.

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The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense
Elephant Seals Can Recognize Rhythm And Pitch
Making music from brainwaves
Researcher scans Sting's musical brain
The musical harmonies you like depend on where you're from.
'Sea Organ' uses ocean waves to make music
Translation of sound - RCA project with SONOS
Vanishing Languages, reincarnated as music
Body of songs - Music inspired by the organs of the body
Steve Reich's clapping music
Dial-tone drone -  a project by the artist Aura Satz
polyphonic overtone singing explained
mongolian throat singing
Haydn's 'farewell' symphony (No. 45)
Cat pianos, sound houses and other imaginary musical instruments
Touch pianist
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