Ryan Kavlie

Ryan Kavlie

As a geneticist I am primarily interested in the molecular-genetic basis of hearing and ciliogenesis. These two main interests combine nicely when studying the ciliated mechanosensory neurons of the Drosophila melanogaster Johnston’s Organ, the fly’s ‘ear’. In the Albert lab I am working on two main projects.


  • This first is to examine to role that gap junctions (innexins) have in glial cell function and ultimately to characterize their roles in hearing.
  • The second is the high-throughput transcriptomic profiling (RNA-Seq) of antennal ears of different Drosophila species. The goal of this project is to identify genes and genetic elements that convey species-specific properties to the ears of various Drosophila species.

The funding for my research comes from the Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP www.hfsp.org/).

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