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MomENTum Database

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evidENT have built the UK MomENTum database of groups and people active in ENT, Hearing and Balance research.

ENT Research Agenda

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The Research Agenda for ENT, Hearing and Balance Care: patients and professionals have decided on what needs to be researched 

Bibliometric analysis shows we are the most cited of any organisation in England when it comes to hearing research

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We start 2016 with some excellent news for us here at the Ear Institute and the Faculty of Brain Sciences as a whole. At the end of 2015, RAND published bibliometric analysis of highly cited biomedical and health research in England.

Inattentional Deafness: Why children who ignore their parents while playing video games have an excuse!

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A recent article written by PhD student Katharine Molloy, and her supervisors Maria Chait (Ear Institute) and Prof Nilli Lavie (ICN) explains why you may feel ignored when your loved one is focused on their smart phones or video games.

Sound Seekers Radio 4 appeal

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Sam Evans recording the Sound Seekers Radio 4 Appeal

Sound Seekers was fortunate enough to be chosen as a beneficiary for the BBC Radio 4 Appeal which was broadcast on 13th September and again on 17th September.  The appeal was presented by the 2013 winner of Big Brother, Sam Evans, who is severely deaf himself.  Last year, Sam visited Malawi with Sound Seekers and witnessed first hand the devastating impact hearing loss has on many peoples’ lives in Africa.  Perhaps the greatest tragedy is the fact that there are no Malawian audiologists in a country of 16 million people.  So far, our appeal has brought in over £18,000.  The money raised will go a long way in helping to provide the vital hearing care that is so desperately needed in developing countries, including the training of four Malawians in audiology.

Request for volunteers

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This project is aimed at the development of an artificial bioengineered larynx implant using soft robotics and bioengineered tissues. This artificial larynx will be implanted at the time of laryngectomy and will be designed to reproduce laryngeal functions such as voice production, swallowing, coughing, etc. Clearly, such a procedure would greatly improve the lives of laryngectomy patients.

Louisa Murdin is interviewed about vertigo for BBC Radio 4

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Dr Louisa Murdin is Consultant in Vestibular and Balance Disorders at Guy’s and St Thomas’s hospitals in London. She also holds an honorary Senior Lecturer post here at the Ear Institute. Last Wednesday (9th September) she was interviewed by Dr Mark Porter for BBC Radio 4's inside health programme about vertigo.

PhD updates

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Our PhD and MDRes students are the future of hearing research! So we're always pleased when they pass! Here are some of our recent successes.

Recent grant success at the Ear Institute

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The research which takes place at the Ear Institute is only made possible by securing grants from funding bodies and industry partnerships. In this especially competitive process, the Researchers at the Ear Institute, including the evidENT team, continue to achieve a high success rate attracting close to £4M in the past few months. We would like to thank the funding bodies and our industry partners for recognising the importance of the work we do.

Spotlight on Professor Valerie Lund

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Valerie Lund Portrait by Jane Brettle

If you're looking for inspirational women, then look no further. The UCL Ear Institute is hugely privileged to be able to name Professor Valerie Lund CBE as one of our own. She is the only designated Professor of Rhinology in the UK here at the UCL Ear Institute and holds Honorary contracts at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College Hospital and Imperial College.

Jonathan Fishman Grant

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2013 Ear Institute PhD graduate Jonathan Fishman has been awarded a Starter Grant for Clinical Lecturers scheme, from the Academy of Medical Sciences. His 2 year grant will fund him to lecture in "progressing tissue engineering approaches to regenerate vocal cords".

Prof Li Zhang seminar

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Prof Li Zhang

Prof Li Zhang from the University of Southern California visited the UCL Ear Institute today to talk about his research at University of Southern California's Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute

Royal Visit

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The UCL Ear Institute were thrilled to welcome HRH Prince Andrew The Duke Of York for a tour of their labs on Tuesday 11th February. Invited by Action On Hearing Loss, HRH met with the charity's Cheif Executive and Head of Biomedical Research as well as our Director Prof McAlpine and other leading scientists including Dan Jagger and Joerg Albert.

$4.4 Million grant: California stem cell agency funds UC Davis - UCL tissue-engineering research

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(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — Led by two renowned throat surgeons and two highly regarded stem cell researchers, a joint UC Davis-UCL team has just received a $4.4 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to answer key scientific questions relating to the development of stem cell-driven airway transplants. The funding was part of the agency’s Disease Team grants, which are designed to bring stem cell solutions to patients with unmet medical needs through late preclinical science and clinical trials.

MSc Advanced Audiology Graduation Day 2013

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Warm congratulations to our first ever graduates of the MSc in Advanced Audiology! The graduation ceremony took place yesterday at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank and it was wonderful to celebrate the success of our students along with their friends and family members. Well done to Carolina Leal, Andria Kyamidou, Jagjit Singh, Arooj Majeed and Jocelyn Wright. These impressive ladies are changing the world of hearing healthcare one fabulous UCL audiologist at a time, and it is noteworthy to mention that 2 students graduated with distinction, while a further 2 received merit! This is such a great achievement and we are incredibly proud of them.

How your hearing aid could stop you getting dementia

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Great article about the relationship between hearing loss and dementia in Yesterday's Mail by Prof David McAlpine.

Work Experience Day

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Yesterday, the Ear Institute welcomed 30 year 10 & 11 students from 3 London Schools. They took part in a workshop designed to get students interested in persuing a career in health sciences...

Jonathan Fishman receives the RSM Laryngology Research Prize and RSM-Wesleyan Young Trainee of the Year

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Jonathan Fishman

Congratulations to Jonathan Fishman who received the Royal Society of Medicine Laryngology research prize this year and was subsequently shortlisted for and won the RSM-Wesleyan Young Trainee of the Year

Announcing the launch of the ABCIT 3 year research project

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Following a successful application to the European Union’s ‘FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-2 funding programme, we are pleased to announce the launch of Advanced Bilateral Cochlear Implant Technology (ABCIT) a 3-year research project funded to the tune of €4M. ABCIT incorporates academic partners at the Ear Institute, Oldenburg University in Germany, and the French cochlear implant company Neurelec. ABCIT aims to enhance the spatial listening abilities of cochlear implant users, particularly those who receive the Neurelec binaural device. This device stimulates both implanted ears synchronously and has the potential to enhance the ability to locate the source of a sound, and to listen in noisy environments (cocktail party listening). By combining Neurelec’s implant technology with hearing-aid technology developed by Oldenburg’s spin-out group Hoertech, ABCIT aims to improve the hearing outcomes of the severely and profoundly deaf. Scientists and engineers across all locations will these combined approaches under simulated and real-world listening conditions to determine future implant designs.

Prof Ashmore's Royal Society Speech at Sir Andrew Huxley Memorial Event

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Sir Andrew Huxley, President of the Royal Society from 1980 to 1985, died on 30 May 2012. A memorial event in his honour was held on 17 October 2012 at the Royal Society. It will include presentations on various aspects of his scientific life from Professor Jonathan Ashmore, Sir John Bradfield, Mr Stewart Huxley, Professor Malcolm Irving, Professor Denis Noble, Sir Paul Nurse and Professor Roger Woledge. (Taken from Royal Society Website)

Jonathan Fishman receives MRC Centenary Award for £44,612

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Huge congratulations to Jonathan for receiving this prestigious award which has just been launched by the MRC to mark its 100 years, supporting the very best of its early career researchers to accelerate their research and their career development.

Joel Joseph's experience taking part in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

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Joel Joseph with Danny Boyle

Joel Joseph, one of our Yr4 students, took part in the hugely spectacular olympic games opening ceremony viewed by an estimated one billion people worldwide!

Prof Schilder awarded HIHR Professorship

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Prof Anne Schilder

Prof. Anne Schilder is awarded National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) professorship for ENT Health Services Research! Eight of the UK’s most promising leaders in medical health research will be awarded a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) professorship, the Government announced today. Each professor will receive around £1.5m of funding to conduct research into conditions that affect millions of patients across the UK. Prof Schilder's project will develop the evidence base for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) medicine and surgery, ensuring new and current treatments in ENT are tested and evaluated so that patients can benefit from the best treatments in the field.

Professor Martin Birchall UCL carries out landmark Voicebox Transplant

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Martin Birchall

The Ear Institutes Professor Martin Birchall has assisted in a laryngeal, trachea and Thyroid Gland transplant to an American patient who previously had no voice. She has now spoken for the first time in 11 years, and together with a team of surgeons at UC Davis Prof Birchall has carried out only the second documented voicebox transplant.

Hearing is not for the ears only

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David McAlpine, Professor of Auditory Neuroscience and Director of the UCL Ear Institute, has taken part in an audio programme with renowned deaf percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie for HearHere!, a joint venture by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM.

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