GENERATE: On behalf of ENT-UK and the BAA, evidENT are currently launching the ‘GENERATE’ project to identify clinical questions in ENT, Hearing and Balance important for research. Please contact Natalie Bohm for further details.

OpenENT: On behalf of the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital the evidENT team have recently initiated the ‘OpenENT’ project to introduce an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to improve the quality of clinical data captured in the hospital. For further details please contact Aneeka Degun.

PhD Projects: The evidENT team are leading and collaborating in a number of PhD projects including;

  • Practice variation in adult sore throat (Nishchay Mehta)
  • Respiratory infections in children with Downs syndrome (Logan Manikam).

Tissue engineered airway transplants: The team are collaborating with Professor Martin Birchall in his recently-funded trials of tissue engineered airway transplants.

In development: With diverse teams evidENT are developing studies in the fields of;

  • recurrent acute otitis media in children
  • chronic rhinosinusitis in adults
  • speech perception in noise in children
  • HPV-induced head and neck cancer.

For further information on our ongoing research please contact:


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