UCL Ear Institute


Aneeka Degun, PPI and Patient Database Researcher

With a background in clinical Audiology and research, I joined the evidENT team in 2013 as a Research Assistant in Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).

I gained my BSc Honours in Audiology from UCL in 2008 and have since worked as an Audiologist in many London NHS Hospitals including the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital. Through working in both NHS and private sector settings I gained experience with working with a variety of patient populations, clinical teams and became interested in variations in practice. In 2013 I completed an MSc in Advanced Audiology at UCL where my dissertation focused on developing an evidence-based approach to programming Electric-Acoustic Stimulation devices with the goal to improve speech recognition, the ultimate goal of cochlear implant technology.

I initially joined the evidENT team in April 2013 to work on the new OpenENT project; to develop an Electronic Health Record system for patients with ENT, hearing and balance disorders. My new role within PPI includes empowering the public to become involved in ENT research through the development of alliances with key groups including patients, the public, clinicians and researchers. This will enable evidENT’s research to focus on the conditions and treatments seen as priorities by the public, produces outcomes that are important to patients and their families and ensure that patients and service users have access to participate in research and benefit from its findings.

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