About Us

evidENT is a multidisciplinary research team based at UCL dedicated to developing and implementing evidence-based practice for ENT, hearing and balance in the UK.

evidENT engages the research community, industry, charities and other stakeholders to ensure patients benefit from new and better treatments and to learn how to improve ENT, Hearing and Balance services for the future.

We have a portfolio of our own trials and projects, but are equally committed to developing the capacity for national research in this field. We support other groups and institutions selecting and developing proposals into viable projects and provide dedicated training opportunities for junior researchers.

evidENT are supported by an NIHR Research Professorship award and work closely with the Cochrane ENT Disorders Group. The team form the base for the ENT Specialty Group of the NIHR Clinical Research Network and the Royal College of Surgeons ENT Clinical Trials Initiative.

As such, evidENT is central to linking clinicians and researchers in ENT, Hearing and Balance across the UK.

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