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30 July, 2014 - Lgr5+ stem cells in epithelial renewal and cancer

Time: 17:30:00 - 18:30:00

Organised by UCL Ear Institute

The availability of robust cell-surface markers for identifying and isolating adult stem cells is essential for studying both their normal in-vivo function during tissue renewal and for evaluating their contribution to cancer. We have shown Lgr5, a Wnt target gene expressing a 7-TM receptor that functions as facultative component of the Wnt receptor complex, to selectively mark stem cells in a range of rapidly renewing tissues, including the small intestine, colon, stomach, hair follicle, ovary and developing kidney. Multicolor lineage tracing employing the stem cell-specific Lgr5-CreERT2 line has been used to further dissect how these adult stem cell pools maintain tissue homeostasis and contribute to tissue repair following damage. Targeted in-vivo mutation of the Lgr5+ve adult stem cell pools using the same Lgr5-CreERT2 model has been used to determine the contribution of stem cells to tumor initiation and progression in the gut. A summary of this work will be presented here.

Location: Main Lecture Theatre, UCL Ear Institute, 332 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8EE

Contact: Anne Oliphant

Email: a.oliphant@ucl.ac.uk


Types of seminar

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  • Cochlear Implant group: takes place bimonthly (every two months) for people interested in clinical research into Cochlear Implantation

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