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The UCL Ear Institute is based off the central UCL campus in King, next door to the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in King's Cross.

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‘Enthusiastic speakers - definitely changed the way I will present /design /deliver the course’

Presentation Skills for Medics 2013

CPD courses

At the UCL Ear Institute we are proud of our comprehensive portfolio of specialist CPD training. For over 25 years, first under the auspices of the ILO and now as the Ear Institute, we have built up a reputation for excellence in the provision of training programmes aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates and health-care professionals. Our courses are accredited by ENT UK (RCP), BAA and/or BSHAA.

Gray’s Inn Road Courses (GIR), ENT focussed courses for medics, run by expert clinicians from the Ear Institute and RNTNE Hospital and often featuring eminent keynote speakers: These courses are designed for a wide range of skills levels ranging from revision courses for junior doctors to specialist best practise courses suitable for consultants.

Advanced Audiology Masterclasses, specialist training courses for audiology clinicians looking to enhance their skills, knowledge and careers, run by our postgraduate audiology faculty and audiologists in partnership with clinicians from the RNTNE Hospital and often featuring eminent keynote speakers.
Masterclasses can be taken as part of the Advanced Audiology programme, leading to the award of a range of qualifications including an MSC, PG Diploma and Postgraduate Certificates*.

*You must meet the entry requirements in order to enrol on the post graduate degree program, further fees and assessments may be necessary.

Course Title
Structure Start Date
GIR: Nose Week: The Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastics Course Medics
2 day course 30 Sept 2014
GIR: Nose Week: An Endoscopic Approach to Rhinosinusitis Medics
3.5 day course 1 Oct 2014
GIR: Practical Revision Course for the DO-HNS Medics
2 day course
12 Nov 2014
GIR: Advances in the Medical and Surgical Management of Snoring & OSA
1 day course 19 Nov 2014
GIR: A Practical Approach to Airway Management
1 day course 21 Nov 2014
GIR: Foundations of Otologic Surgery Medics
2 day course 1 Dec 2014
Masterclass: Rehabilitation for Adults with Acquired Hearing Loss Audiologists
3 day course 8 Dec 2014
Masterclass: Counselling for Hearing Healthcare Professionals Audiologists 12 week course (Monday afternoons)
12 Jan 2015
Masterclass: Paediatric Assessment Audiologists
12 week course (Friday afternoons)
16 Jan 2015
Masterclass: Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
Audiologists 3 day course 20 Jan 2015
Masterclass: Paediatric Habilitation Audiologists 5 week course (Fridays)
27 Feb 2015
Masterclass: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation
Audiologists 3 day course 3 Mar 2015
GIR: Presentation Skills for Medics
Medics & Audiologists
1 day course 23 Mar 2015
Masterclass: Vestibular Rehabilitation
Audiologists 3 day course
22 Apr 2015
GIR: Introduction to Ear Care and Micro-suctioning
Medics & Audiologists 2 day course
11 Sep 2015
Joint GIR/Newcastle: Course for the Intercollegiate FRCS Examination in Otolaryngology Medics
3 day course
Sep 2015 TBC
Masterclass: Advances in Auditory Implants
3 day course
3 Nov 2015
Masterclass: Auditory Processing Disorders
Audiologists 3 day course

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