Guest Speaker for 2014

Jason Galster

Jason Galster, PhD (US)

Course Sponsor



Great speakers, friendly company reps, great way to reflect on current practices
The topics are very interesting and reflect on current trends. It embraces lots of activity such as discussion, involve parents/patients to talk about their experience, and case studies
I feel inspired to change and develop my practice
This was the best course I have attended ever
Diverse speakers from not just the UK, but from the US, allows us to see that there is a bigger Audiology world than our hospitals and clinics
Very interesting and diverse topics

Masterclass: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation - 3rd - 6th March 2015

Course Director: Dr Cherilee Rutherford

This module takes the form of a 4 day masterclass that will investigate current trends in adult and paediatric amplification.

The aim of this module is to enhance clinical practice in the treatment of adults and children with hearing loss.

Course objectives include:

  • To foster an awareness of state of the art research in amplification and aural rehab as it relates to both adult and paediatric populations.
  • To develop international best practice as indicated by evidence-based approaches to rehabilitation.
  • To enable the implementation of clinically applicable tools & techniques that will elevate the process of aural rehabilitation to an advanced practitioner level.

The 4 day Masterclass has 2 days of adult focus, and 2 days paediatric focus. Participants may opt to attend all 4 days, or simply focus on adult or paediatric issues.

A combination of live and recorded lectures will be presented along with interactive, seminar style discussions and hands-on workshops.

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  • TBC


  • To be confirmedfrom BAA and BSHAA


Cost of 1 Day Masterclass EB N/A
SR £200
Cost of 2 Day Masterclass EB £255
SR £275
Cost of 3 Day Masterclass EB £370
SR £415
Cost of 4 Day Masterclass* EB £485
SR £555


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