Former UCL MSc Advanced Audiology student Carolina Leal gives her view about studying at the UCL Ear Institute

It was a very easy going but informative session and I wish to thank A for his expertise, imparted with good humour. He shared the technical aspects in a sufficiently comprehensible way, involving me and allowing me  to take informed decisions.

I can now enjoy hearing babies crying three doors away, each jet on the planes flying over the house and conversations of guests who come to eat with us. Cannot hear my eyeballs swivelling yet, but all in good time!

Quote given by a someone just fitted with a hearing aid by one of our student Audiologists.

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Advanced Audiology Masterclasses

GIR: Introduction to Ear Care and Micro-suctioning (12 & 13 Sept 2014)

Course Organisers: Ghada Al-Malky, Simon Gane & Mary Kelly

This two-day course is designed to cover many aspects of aural care including theoretical knowledge and practical training in wax removal by micro-suctioning. It is designed to introduce practitioners with limited experience in aural care but who are interested in widening their scope of practice.

  • £365 earlybird rate if booked by 18 July 2014
  • £395 otherwise

Masterclass: Rehabilitation for Adults with Acquired Hearing Loss (8 - 10 Dec 2014)

Course Organiser: Ms. Lucy Hanscomb

This Masterclass in Advanced Audiology examines what current evidence tells us about how we can best meet the needs of adults whose lives are affected by hearing loss.  It is open to practising audiologists of all grades and levels of experience.

Counselling for Hearing Healthcare Professionals (12 week course on Monday afternoons Date TBC)

Course Organisers: Ms Lucy Handscomb

This module aims to enable practitioners at all levels to improve the quality of their day-to-day interaction with patients and their carers through the use of counselling skills.

Paediatric Assessment (6 week course on Fridays Date TBC)

Course Organisers: Dr Gareth Smith

This module aims to equip clinicians with evidence-based knowledge and skills to accurately assess hearing in babies and young children.

Masterclass: Tinnitus & Hyperacusis (20-22 Jan 2015)

Course Organisers: Dr Roland Schaette & Ms Lucy Handscomb

This 3 day Masterclass starts with a research update on the current understanding of the mechanisms of tinnitus and hyperacusis. We then address the different approaches for the assessment and management of these symptoms in adults, before focusing on Paediatric patient management.

Accredited by the BAA for the Higher Training Scheme

Masterclass: Advances in Auditory Implants (Date TBC)

Course Organiser: Prof Shakeel Saeed & Dr Debi Vickers

The course is designed for all those currently involved in cochlear implants, at all levels and in all disciplines, and also for those interested in the field who simply want to learn more about it.

Paediatric Habilitation (5 week course on Fridays from: Date TBC)

Course Organisers: Dr Gareth Smith

This module will provide clinicians with a foundation in paediatric aural habilitation.

Masterclass: Advanced Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation (3-6 Mar 2015)

Course Organisers: Dr. Cherilee Rutherford & Dr Josephine Marriage

This module takes the form of a 4 day masterclass that will investigate current trends in adult and paediatric amplification.

Masterclass: Vestibular Rehabilitation (22 - 24 April 2015)

Course Organisers: Mr Paul Radomskij & Ms Johanna Beyts (RNTNEH)

This 3 day Masterclass starts with an overview followed by specialist lectures on vestibular rehabilitation assessment and the main current methods employed in the management of patients with vestibular problems.

Masterclass: Auditory Processing Disorders (Date TBC)

Course Organisers: Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou & Dr Ifat Yasin

A three day, full time course focusing on Electrophysiology techniques, cognitive issues, special populations and Plasticity.

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