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Advances in Auditory Implants

Developing Evidence Based Practice

This is a 4 day course running from 15th to 18th October 2013, with an optional additional foundation day on "fundamentals of cochlear implant fitting" on 14th October (which is complementary if you book for all 4 masterclass days)

The course is designed for all those currently involved in cochlear implants, at all levels and in all disciplines. There is an additional foundation day available for those who would benefit from the practical pre-course demonstrations, making it ideal for new members of cochlear implant programs wishing to develop their knowledge.

The Ear Institute is ideally placed as being part of UCL and situated next door to the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital; the main post grad training hospital for ENT in the UK and home to the first ever cochlear implant team in the UK.

  • Monday 14th –  FOUNDATION DAY “The Fundamentals of Cochlear Implant Fitting”
    This day will be the ideal opportunity for new members of an implant program or professionals wishing to understand more of the practical background of cochlear implant fitting, signal processing and the implant team.
    This day will be complimentary for delegates attending the full four days
  • Tuesday 15th – DAY 1 of the “Advances in Auditory Implants and Implantable Devices”
    This day will look at candidacy for the range of implantable devices available.  Research advances will be presented that look at fitting and perception with residual hearing, Electro Acoustic Stimulation and the use of contra lateral hearing aids.  Surgical and Audiological aspects of Middle Ear, Bone anchored hearing aids and auditory brainstem implants will be covered.
  • Wednesday 16th – DAY 2 of the “Advances in Auditory Implants and Implantable Devices”
    The morning will be focussed on language development, brain plasticity and outcomes in children and speech perception and quality of life in adults.  Special populations will also be covered in this section.  The afternoon will concentrate on the use of objective measures for fitting and monitoring and there will be a live surgery to demonstrate the surgical approach and issues in implantation.
  • Thursday 17th – DAY 3 of the “Advances in Auditory Implants and Implantable Devices
    This day will be focussed on optimising outcomes and the future perspectives.  There will be sessions on rehabilitation approaches, changes in candidacy  criteria, binaural optimisation for children and adults with two implants or contra lateral hearing aids.  Finally we will look at biological, engineering, surgical, audiological and rehabilitation advances for the future.
  • Friday 18th – DAY 4 of the “Advances in Auditory Implants and Implantable Devices
    A consolidation workshop which will be lead by Debi Vickers and the RNTNE cochlear implant team. This day will provide practical hands on experience with rehabilitation approaches to help participants make use of the information provided throughout the course.

Speakers will include:

  • Brian Moore
  • Liat Kishon-Rabin
  • Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner
  • Martin O'Driscoll
  • Patrick Axon
  • Stuart Rosen
  • John Graham
  • Shakeel Saeed
  • David McAlpine
  • Andy Forge
  • Martin O'Driscoll
  • Terry Nunn
  • Tim Beale
  • Bob Carlyon
  • Andy Faulkner
  • Huw Cooper

Please note information is subject to possible change.

This course will be accredited with approximately 16 CPD points by the BAA but these have not been confirmed as yet.

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SR £415
Cost of 4 Day Masterclass* EB £485
SR £555


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