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Archiefschool, Nederlands instituut voor archiefonderwijs en -onderzoek
The Netherlands
Project team members:
Peter Horsman (Project Manager)
Thijs Laeven
Hans Scheurkogel

Archivio di Stato di Milano
Project team member:
Maurizio Savoja

Fachhochschule Potsdam
Project team members:
Volker Schockenhoff
Kerstin Witzke

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Project team member:
Fernanda Ribeiro

School of Information Studies, University of Northumbria at Newcastle
United Kingdom
Project team members:
Catherine Hare
Julie McLeod

School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London
United Kingdom
Project team members:
Margaret Crockett
Elizabeth Danbury
Elizabeth Shepherd
Geoffrey Yeo

University of Tampere
Project team member:
Marjo Valtonen

Direzione Generale per gli Archivi


The e-TERM partners came together because of a shared interest in the vocational training and professional development of archivists, records managers and administrators.

In particular the e-TERM project addresses the following issues:

  1. All partners need to include electronic records management in the core syllabus of their professional training courses
  2. Electronic records management has to be incorporated into the research programmes of every partner
  3. Partners must include electronic records management in any life-long learning or professional development courses they provide
  4. e-TERM gives an opportunity for partners to research and produce both a core course curriculum and regional variables
  5. Partners in e-TERM will be able to work more closely with each other in a European network of expertise in research and teaching in a rapidly changing and developing subject.

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