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Concrete Poetry : Mark Insingel
Literature / Beginners / English

This self-study pack helps you understand what concrete poetry is by giving you background information about this form of poetry as well as some examples written by Mark Insingel. The level of difficulty of the studypack is for beginners, so if you have only recently begun to learn Dutch it should not be too difficult for you. Word explanations are given with the poems.

Dutch Language Taster : Try Dutch!
Language / Beginners / English

Interested in Dutch? Curious how Dutch sounds? Wondering how difficult or easy it is? Perhaps you are thinking of studying Dutch? Then here is your opportunity to have a go at the language yourself and experience what it is like to learn Dutch from scratch. You can work through the pack all by yourself. No knowledge of Dutch is required.

History of the Dutch Language :
Language / Beginners / English

This self-study pack covers the process of standardisation of the Dutch language. it is aimed at students with only a very basic knowledge of Dutch. The examples used to illustrate certain language changes are in Dutch, but English translations have been provided throughout. All the explanatory material and background information is given in English.

Dutch Revolt I : Act of Abjuration (Plakkaat van Verlatinge) I
History / Beginners / English

This self-study pack is designed to help you understand the Dutch Revolt in the sixteenth century, using a key historical document from the period. It is aimed at learners with only a minimal knowledge of Dutch. You can check out an original edition of the document, read four fragments of it, get help with historical references and concepts, analyse certain themes, and explore related pictorial material.

Amsterdam Represented : Cultural Studies Taster
Society / Beginners / English

This self-study pack offers an introduction to cultural studies, using representations of Amsterdam as an illustration. The material assumes only a minimal knowledge of Dutch.

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