Nick Piercey

Teaching Fellow (2013/14)

Nick obtained his PhD in Dutch Cultural Studies from UCL in 2011, looking at the cultures surrounding football in Rotterdam and Amsterdam between 1910 and 1920. The study provided a representation of various aspects of footballing cultures incorporating studies of the media, concepts of morality, historical geography, education, and individual histories.

Areas of Academic Interest

  • Sport History and Culture
  • Approaches to the writing and presentation of History: in particular, Postmodernism, Relativism and Deconstructionalism
  • Theoretical approaches to Cultural Studies: in particular, De Certeau, Bourdieu and Postmodern concepts.
  • Identity and Nationalism
  • The Netherlands in the Interbellum. 


  • PIERCEY, N., ‘Football Grounds, Memory and Cultural History in Amsterdam and Rotterdam from 1910 to 1920: The Football Stadium and Ground as a Historical Resource’, in Herzog, M.,(Ed.), Memorialkultur im Fußballsport: Medien, Rituale und Praktiken des Erinnerns, Gedenkens und Vergessens., Irseer Dialoge. Kultur und Wissenschaft Interdisziplinar, Band 17, (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2013) pp. 287-309

Teaching at UCL

In 2013/14 Nick will be teaching the following courses:

  • DUTC1101: Born out of Rebellion: The Low Countries from the Dutch Revolt to the eve of World War I
  • DUTC2101: At the Crossroads of Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • DUTC4205: Contemporary history and culture of the Low Countries

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