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PCA Support Group Redirect Page

Please continue to access support and information on PCA on our new PCA support group site (opens website).

We have recently launched our rebranded Rare Dementia Support service. Rare Dementia Support runs specialist support services for individuals living with, or affected by, one of five rare dementia diagnoses: 

  • frontotemporal dementia (FTD)
  • posterior cortical atrophy (PCA)
  • primary progressive aphasia (PPA)
  • familial Alzheimer’s disease (FAD) 
  • familial frontotemporal dementia (fFTD)

We provide regular support group meetings, newsletters, telephone contact networks, websites and access to information and advice for people affected by these five rare dementia conditions.

Our vision is for all individuals with or at risk of one of these rarer forms of dementia to have access to specialist information, support and contact with others affected by similar conditions. Details of the service can be found on our new Rare Dementia Support website (opens website). 

Please note that you assume full responsibility and risk when attending support group meetings, and also in the use of the information contained on our website, in our newsletters and at support group meetings.