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Minimal Interval Resonance Imaging in Alzheimer's Disease - public dataset

The MIRIAD dataset is a database of volumetric MRI brain-scans of Alzheimer's sufferers and healthy elderly people. Many scans were collected of each participant at intervals from 2 weeks to 2 years, the study was designed to investigate the feasibility of using MRI as an outcome measureĀ  for clinical trials of Alzheimer's treatments. Including:

  1. To find the minimal interval over which trials would need to be conducted.
  2. To assess whether combining more than two scanning time points would increase statistical power and, if so, the optimal combination and timing of scans for trials of varying lengths.
  3. To provide a means of assessing the reproducibility of techniques within a single day and over short intervals where changes in individual's hydration and scanner fluctuations, but not pathological atrophy, might be expected.

These scans, together with demographic and psychological data, are now publicly available in anonymised form to aid researchers in developing new techniques for the analysis of serially acquired MRI.

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