Dementia Research Centre


Your Appointment

How long will my appointment take?

If you have not been to clinic before, your appointment will last approximately one hour with the doctor. Depending on your needs, you may then have MRI, EEG, neuropsychology testing and see a specialist nurse.

MRI: This is a scan of your brain, which takes place within a special machine, and the process should take 30 minutes to an hour. Because the scan involves a strong magnetic field you will be asked some questions to make sure there is no reason why you cannot have a scan (e.g. if you have a pacemaker).

EEG: This is a record of the brain’s electrical activity, and involves special electrodes being attached, painlessly, to the scalp. It may take around an hour.

Neuropsychology: This involves tests of memory and thinking and may take around one and a half hours.

Who can come with me?

It is helpful if you can bring a relative or close friend with you to the clinic. This helps us, in that often they can give additional details about what your problems have been. Also, they act as support for you at a stressful time.