We are greatly saddened to announce the death of Prof Aubrey Sheiham who passed away on the 24 November 2015. Tribute from Prof Hart & Prof Watt.

James Nazroo1

Prof James Nazroo discusses health and social inequalities in later life at the International Centre for Oral Health Inequalities Research and Policy (ICOHIRP) Launch Conference.


Prof Watt discusses US & English national oral health surveys on the BMJ Talk Medicine


Yusuf, H., Tsakos, G., Ntouva, A., Murphy, M., Porter, J., Newton, T., Watt, R.G. (2015). Differences by age and sex in general dental practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in delivering prevention. BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL, 219 (6), 264-265. doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2015.725

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