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What support is available?

Students with mobility difficulties can access a wide range of services without applying for additional funding. These services include:

  • Drop-in sessions to meet with a Disability Adviser – Mondays and Wednesdays, 2pm - 4pm
  • Pre-arranged orientation visits during the summer or at the start of term
  • Access to the Student Enabling IT (SEnIT) Suite with adapted facilities such as ergonomic seating, height-adjustable desks, adaptive pointing devices and contoured keyboards, and voice activated software (e.g., Dragon Naturally Speaking and ViaVoice)
  • Small equipment loans, such as a digital voice recorder
  • Extended library loan facility – so that you can keep library materials for longer
  • Support applying for special exam arrangements – such as extra time, stop-the-clock rest breaks, adapted or ergonomic furniture, use of an amanuensis (scribe), and use of a PC and assistive software to make exam responses
  • Liaison with Student Accommodation about any necessary modifications to your accommodation
  • Advice and guidance, for both you and your department, about the potential impact of your disability on your studies and how this can be accommodated

To access a range of other services, you will need to apply for additional funding. Depending on your needs, these services could include:

  • A full assessment of your academic support needs carried out at an accredited assessment centre
  • Computer equipment and specialised software for you to own
  • Note-taking support in lectures and seminars
  • Support from a personal assistant – e.g., to help you get around UCL or visit the library

The above lists are not exhaustive. Depending on your particular needs, we may be able to provide services not currently listed. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Please note: All students who may have difficulty getting out of a building in the case of an emergency (e.g. fire) will be contacted by their academic department to discuss how best to ensure safe egress. A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) will be drawn up to establish what you need to do in the case of an emergency when, for example, lifts will not be operating.