Student Disability Services


Assistive Technology

The following sections contain links to free software, applications and tools designed to help disabled users make the most out of their computers and mobile devices: 

Accessibility Tips

There are lots of accessibility options built-in to your devices. Find out how to customise them to suit you. 

Seeing the Screen

This section includes screen-readers and programmes which can help you read the screen more clearly. 

Reading & Writing

This section contains tools to help with reading, writing, vocabulary and spelling. 

Time Management & Planning

This section contains tools to help with time management, planning and research. 


This is a list of tools that has been put together by the Disability Services team to offer UCL students free alternatives to paid assistive software. UCL is by no means responsible for updating and testing these applications. You may use these applications at your own risk. UCL is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer or device as a result of installing/using these applications.