INST6002: Web Technologies, Users and Management

This 1st year core course covers both the technical aspects of website construction and maintenance, and the related topics of good design and ongoing management of web-based information systems, user behaviour and digital business issues, for both an organisation’s internal (intranet) and external (internet/extranet) purposes. It aims to develop an appreciation of web-related technologies and user behaviour in such environments and of best practice in the creation, organisation and maintenance of such sites for both internal and external organisational purposes.

Learning outcomes: On completing the course students should understand the basic principles of website operation, be familiar with XHTML and related tools and markup languages for website construction, recognise the importance of structure and design for purpose, understand user behaviour and business issues in the web environment, and be aware of the management implications and needs such sites give rise to and how to deal with them effectively.

Assessment: Assessment by coursework (50%) and examination (50%)
Compulsory for: BSc Information Management for Business
Optional for: None. This module is also available for short course students
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module
Taught by: Julianne Nyhan
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