INSTG075 - Professional and STM Publishing

This module will look at the contexts of professional and business (B2B) publishing, one of the largest and most dynamic sectors of the publishing industry. 

The module will consider:

  • The structure of the market sector
  • The key players
  • The challenges involved with the ongoing digital transition
  • How legacy companies are transforming their businesses to meet the demands of customers
  • How content can be delivered in new and flexible formats
  • How companies are adapting to new markets, new technologies and new entrants to the sector 

Aims of the module:

  • To look at the key players and market sectors
  • To give students exposure to the key contexts of professional publishing in a global setting
  • To consider key issues in professional publishing, such as licensing and partnership collaborations

The method of delivery will be mixed, involving lectures, class discussion, practical sessions and seminars. Industry experts will be brought in where appropriate. 

Optional for: Those registered on the MA in Publishing programme from 2013 onwards

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module.

Module leader: Nick Canty

Further information for students currently taking this module

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