INSTG054 Fundamentals of Information Science

This course provides a foundation in information science, particularly for those without a formal information background. It serves as an introduction to key concepts of information science, and shows their relationship to professional practice; engages students with issues relating to the application of technology to the information world; and provides a grounding in key aspects of the professional body of knowledge required by CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals).

Learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, you will have an understanding of the key concepts and issues of the academic discipline of information science, and be able to appreciate the relevance and practical application of these concepts and issues to professional information practice

This module takes place on Friday afternoons in term 1.

Module Outline
This module is being redesigned for 2013-14 to focus on small group tutorial teaching and the final timetable will not be available until shortly before term commences. However, topics which will be covered will include:
Information Science and Theories of Information
Usability and User-Centered Design
Information Seeking Behaviour
Knowledge Organisation
Information Retrieval
Information Communication models, the publication process Information Society and Information Economics
Information Quality, trust and ethics

Preliminary Reading:
Bawden, D. & Robinson, L. Introduction to Information Science. Facet, 2012
Gilchrist, A. (ed) Information Science in transition. London: Facet, 2009
Nicholas, D. & Rowlands, I. (eds) Digital consumers : reshaping the information professions. London : Facet, 2008
Svenonius, E. The intellectual foundation of information organization. London : MIT Press, 2000
Krug, S. Don't make me think! A commonsense approach to web usability 2nd ed. Berkeley: New Riders, 2006
Norman, D. The design of everyday things. Basic books, 2002 (2013 revised ed. in press)

Assessment: Assessment by coursework and exam.
Compulsory for: MSc IS
Optional for: none - see instead the content equivalent module G053
Prerequisites: None.
Taught by: Andy Dawson
Further information for students currently taking this module

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