INSTG042/43/44 Individual Approved Study

These modules allow students (especially part-time students who wish to relate their work to practical external projects) to undertake individual study and/or research in specific areas not otherwise covered by standard components, and/or to explore in greater detail some of the topics which are introduced in more general terms in other preceding courses; and to encourage methods of research, investigation and presentation which will be developed in the final dissertation.

Since each student undertaking these courses is undertaking unique work, the specific educational aims and objectives of each implementation (and all other parameters required) must be agreed, documented and approved by the programme director and relevant tutor before any student's registration for the modules may be accepted.

Individual Approved Studies (with different agreed content) may be offered multiply, as up to three separate option choices (i.e. as INSTG042, INSTG043 and INSTG044), subject to the approval of the Programme Director.

Learning outcomes: Dependent on subject
Assessment: Assessment by coursework only
Compulsory for: None
Optional for: MSc IS. This module is also available for short course students
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module, although formal approval of the Programme Director is required before any Individual Study may be undertaken
Taught by: Dependent on subject

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