INSTG034 Services to Children and Young People

This module introduces the issues involved, skills required and principles underlying the provision of services to children and young people through school and public libraries. It aims to build the students’ personal and transferable skills and competencies to meet the demands of a changing professional environment. Children’s and school librarians have a significant role in enabling young people as independent and livelong learners. They work closely with a variety of carers, educators and other agencies in supporting children and in developing service partnerships. They need to be dynamic communicators, able to inspire children and young people and to inform and liaise with adults.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the module students will:

  • have an understanding of the diverse user needs within this client group.
  • be aware of how current agendae, initiatives and partnerships affect service design and delivery.
  • be able to develop policies and procedures for public and school libraries
  • be able to develop and evaluate resources and services.
  • have confidence in how to promote services to diverse audiences.
  • have a sound awareness of resources and networks available to aid their work and of how they can support both clients and other staff

Learning and teaching uses a mixed approach combining:

  • talks from tutors and visiting practitioners
  • preparatory viewing of content on the virtual learning site, in preparation for classes
  • reading and discussion of children's literature
  • seminars and class discussions
  • practical exercises
  • group projects
  • private study

Assessment: By a portfolio of coursework submission only, consisting of practical exercises and a 2000 word essay on a topic of the student's choice. Through the assessed exercises students will have engaged in reviewing an item of children's fiction, outlined a promotional activity and created an annotated topic resource of websites.

When taught: in the Spring term on Mondays 14.00-17.00 by Lucy Gildersleeves

Optional for: MA Library and Information Studies and also to all other DIS students, as their programme timetables permit.
Auditing the module: Students registered for DIS programmes may sit in on this module by agreement with the tutor, but must be prepared to join in with all non-assessed groupwork, class exercises and discussions.
Note: This module is also available for short course students. For further information on short courses please see: Short Courses: CPD and Short Courses at UCL Department of Information Studies
Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module, but students are expected to join in with all group-work, class exercises and with reading discussions.

Suggested preliminary reading:

  • Cohen, L, Manion, L and Morrison, K. A Guide to teaching practice London: RoutlegeFalmer (there are many editions – this is a classic text, regularly reissued)
  • Court, J (editor) Read to succeed: strategies to engage children and young people in reading for pleasure. London: Facet, 2011
  • Herring, J. Improving students’ web use and information literacy: a guide for teachers and teacher librarians London: Facet, 2011
  • Rankin, C and Brock, A (eds) Library services for children and young people: challenges and opportunities in the digital age London: Facet, 2012
    [Rankin and Brock have also edited Facet texts on early years provision]
  • Sharon Markless (editor), The Innovative school librarian: thinking outside the box. London: Facet, 2009
  • Shaper, S (editor) The CILIP guidelines for secondary school libraries 3rd ed London: Facet, 2014 [previous edition was by Barrett, L and Douglas, J, 2004]

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