INSTG032 Creation and Capture

Compulsory module for students taking the MA/Diploma/Certificate in Archives and Records Management.

This module will look at the creation and capture of records within organisations in the course of their business. It will introduce students to records management approaches and techniques that can be applied to records created, received and used by organisations in a world of rapidly-changing digital technology. It sets records management in a wider risk and compliance context.

By the end of the module, students will be able to understand the role of a records management programme within an organisation, manage current and non-current records systems using professional techniques, understand the challenges of digital records and develop strategies for their management, and design systems for the retention and disposition of records.

Timetable: Taught classes will be held on Thursday mornings (normally 10.00-1.00) in term 1, beginning on 2nd October 2014. 

The first two weeks of the term introduce students to records management and the organisational and technological environments in which records are created.

Weeks 3 and 4 address the classification of records and their creation and capture in organisational settings, including the management of email.

Week 5 considers the functioning of records centres and the place of retention schedules in records management.

After a break for ‘reading week’ in the middle of the term, the remaining weeks of the term are devoted to the topic of digital records and to issues relating to records management in practice in the ‘real world’. The final class concludes the module by looking at the design and implementation of records management programmes and systems.

Throughout the term, lectures and group exercises are supplemented by a variety of guest speakers, and towards the end of the term students will have the opportunity to present their own findings to the class.

Field visits, to enable students to see examples of records management in practice, take place on some Thursday afternoons throughout the term.

Assessment: Assessment by coursework only (one piece of written work).

Taught by: Elizabeth Shepherd

Venue: 16 Taviton Street, room 432

Availability: This module is suitable for interested short course students .

Preliminary reading: for brief introductions to records management concepts and functions, see the records management web pages of the National Archives of Scotland and the State Records Authority of New South Wales.

The core text for this module is Elizabeth Shepherd and Geoffrey Yeo, Managing Records: a handbook of principles and practice (Facet Publishing, 2003). Also useful are Julie McLeod and Catherine Hare, How to Manage Records in the E-environment (Routledge, 2006) and (at a very basic level) Judith Read and Mary Lea Ginn, Records Management (South-Western Cengage Learning, 2011). It is not essential for students to read these or other texts before starting the module, although a little preliminary reading before the module begins can often be beneficial.

Further information for students taking this module

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